We are GM Studio an established company with a mission to create stunning and unique ideas for projects of any kind. Due to our professional approach, we have had the opportunity to partner with top class corporations worldwide.

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European project supporting media company

The gm company supports the EU industries and organizations in the development, distribution and promotion of their work. It helps to launch projects with a European dimension and nurtures new technologies; it create European films and audiovisual works including feature films, television drama, documentaries and inovative projects.

We provide you with the highest level of cooperation from start to finish. Contact us and we will create something that suits your individual needs.

Filming and photography

We offer a wide range of services from video conferencing, commercial films, animated advertisements, live steaming, and television productions. Our professional equipment also allows us to be available quickly in emergency situations!

Events & Studio

We organize and prepare a comprehensive design plan and materials for both large and small events.


Professional spatial animations are innovative and will remain in the memory of visitors for a long after your event ends! We prepare individual characters, subtitles, as well as movies and 3d animations!

Special effects

We make events spectacular with our range of special effects from indoor pyrotechnics and flames, to custom water features and rain curtains.

Video Mapping

We create complete experiences that will drive visitors and increase public engagement.

We can deliver eye catching video-mapping on anything, in any place! From projections on trees, water screens, to interactive floors in shopping centres or village squares, we can deliver eye catching video-mapping on almost anything in any place, including weddings and corporate conventions.

Creating a sound and light show allows your visitors or audience to experience your property or brand in a new and exciting way.


We have a professional graphic studio that also deals with branding, advertising design, and promotional materials for your company.

We can create full branding identity for your company, promotion or event, and prepare and print any materials you need!

- Sincerely GM Studio

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F16 vs Lamborghini vs Formula Student

Live streaming and events directing

Theme park

organization, advertising, and special effects


short and long productions

TV production

Interview of Prime Minister

Election campaign

Kostas Agorastos

Video mapping

our production on building

Hologram technology

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